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one on one workshop


  Welcome to Sosa Metalworks One on one  Fabrication Classes.  Our comprehensive curriculum, led by Cristian Sosa, ensures a meticulous understanding of each stage in the fabrication process tailored for individuals at all skill levels, from beginners to professionals. This one-on-one experience provides a diverse curriculum covering advanced measurement techniques, strategic planning, refined cutting expertise, thorough section preparation, and precise tack welding and alignment skills. Explore advanced TIG welding fundamentals, master precision grinding and filing techniques and dive into the aesthetics of metal finishing.  With flexible learning options, ranging from a 1-day intensive to a comprehensive 3-day program, participants receive hands-on experience with all the tools and materials provided. 

Program Highlights: Precision Measurement Techniques: Master advanced measurement tricks for intricate shapes. Acquire skills for locating centers in non-uniform surfaces. Strategic Planning and Layout: Develop a detailed project roadmap, crucial for guiding the entire customization process. Emphasize the importance of precise planning as the foundation for success. Cutting Expertise: Acquire refined techniques for precise and clean cutting. Execute cutting procedures with adherence to layout guidelines. Section Preparation: Understand the critical role of thorough section cleaning and preparation for welding. Cultivate an eye for detail in preparing sections to ensure optimal welding outcomes. Alignment and Tack Welding: Delve into the skill of aligning and tack welding customized pieces. Recognize the meticulous nature of this step and its impact on project excellence. Advanced Welding Fundamentals (TIG): Navigate the complexities of TIG welding with a focus on fundamentals. Receive expert guidance to overcome challenges associated with welding as a beginner. Precision Grinding Techniques: Appreciate the subtleties of the post-welding metal removal process. Master grinding techniques for precision and finesse. Working the Weld with Precision: Address post-welding warping issues through strategic hammer and dolly techniques. Achieve precision in reshaping welded areas to meet intended specifications. Aesthetic Metal Finishing: Understand the visual importance of a finely finished surface. Explore various sanding grits to achieve a consistently smooth and refined appearance. Gas Filler Installation: Learn precise measurement, cutting, and installation techniques for a gas filler. Customize or fabricate a gas cap to seamlessly integrate with your design. Custom Mounting Proficiency: Identify optimal mounting locations on a motorcycle. Fabricate mounts from scratch, applying welding and finishing techniques to seamlessly integrate them into the overall design. Class Features: Flexible Learning Options: Choose the class duration that suits your schedule: 1-day (10 hours) - $1,500 2-day (20 hours) - $2,800 (includes a $200 discount) 3-day (30 hours) - $3,900 (includes a $400 discount) Hands-On Experience: We provide the Sportster motorcycle tank for customization. Take your finished project home, showcasing your newly acquired skills on the road. Personalized Attention: A one-on-one learning experience to maximize your understanding and skill development.

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