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Next Class:
March 30-2


- WORKSHOP - JapHands Kustoms x SOSA Metalworks
Mar 30, 6:00 PM – Apr 02, 6:00 PM
Las Vegas,
2808 S Highland Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA

day one - the bowl

Sounds easy but it has always proven to be one of the most difficult and vital part of the class.The challenge in creating the bowl comes from the amount of material that is necessary to be rearranged all while keeping the shape symmetrical and flowing properly.I believe that the bowl is the key to understanding how to approach and execute any shape.


Day 1 of the class starts off with an introduction to the fundamentals of shrinking, stretching and creating templates as well as an introduction to the various machinery that will be utilized during the class including a Baileigh MH 19, Powell power hammer, Pullmax P9 and 3 Shape-o-Matics. We will also be using a JRM planishing hammer, Baileigh planishing hammer and 2 English wheels.


• A one on one demonstration on the steps replicating an existing shape by creating a paper template while also explaining the functions of each machine and how they work.


• One on one time with each student on their attempt of their first bowl.


• We will then break for a quick Q&A with lunch provided


• The rest of the day consist of hands on repetition of this process with the aim of accurate execution of each bowl which also prepares the students for the more challenging shaping process of day 2.

day two - the wireframe

Day 2 we begin the class with an explanation of the design process.


• demonstration of creating a wire frame.


• demonstration of creating paper templates based on the wire frames


• demonstration of transferring paper templates and creating the shape out of steel.


• We will then break for a quick Q&A with lunch provided


• the rest of day 2 each student will attempt to follow the steps shown in the demonstration.

El Fin

Although some students have reached the finish line in the past, the goal is not to have the students finish their piece but to walk away with a complete understanding of the design and shaping process so that they can take these lessons and continue practicing.

WOrkshop cost

• $1400 per spot

• We also offer a $300 deposit option *non-refundable

• Meet & greet tacos and beer

• Lunch provided each day

• We do always offer a place to stay at the shop for those who are on a budget.

day three - the race is on

kokkeler award

Day 3 begins with a brief Q&A to see where everyone is in their understanding of the class and the process.

• then the race is on for the first student to complete shaping all of their panels to begin the demonstration of fitting and welding their project together.

• We will then break for a quick Q&A with lunch provided

• the last lesson of the class will focus on the process of “metal finish“.

The Many have tried and few have succeed in achieving the elusive Kokkler award. This honor has been awarded to an elite group of people that have completed their tank and put it through the ultimate test. The challenge is yours to accept…

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