FULLY ASSEMBLED SHAPE-O-MATIC: All machines will be powder-coated and fully built to specifications. You will receive a machine that’s 100% ready for you to plug in and go! No hassles of any sort. Along with the fully-assembled machine, you will receive your thumbnail dies additional radius set available. The lead time for machines is 3 weeks as we need time to build the frame and send it to powder coat immediately thereafter. We offer two standard colors: Shop Blue and Satin Black. Custom colors are available upon request if you would prefer a certain color to match your shop surroundings (NOTE: depending on the color or type of paint requested there may be an additional fee and/or a longer lead time). We only require a $500 deposit up front and the rest is due when your machine is ready to ship. We will notify just as soon as your machine has been completed. As soon as payment is received in full your Shape-O-Matic machine will be mailed off to you.


SHAPE-O-MATIC (BUILDERS KIT): Finally, after 10 long years, the Shape-O-Matic has been tried and tested! We have assembled the perfect set up for you. You will receive a full kit with all the machined parts, hardware and a heavy-duty 220 volt motor. The dimensions have all been figured out and are ready for you to assemble and build your frame. You will be provided with cardboard templates and easy-to-follow instructions with exact dimensions to provide you with the BEST machine of this kind at the ABSOLUTE lowest price.